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On Sunday, October 6th, the Santa Fe Symphony presented an exclusive screening of FORTE, Q & A with director David Donnelly and Tatiana Berman. Afterwards, Tatiana gave a solo violin performance. 

Santa Fe

Tatiana Berman is one of the stars in the new documentary Forte which tells the stories of three remarkable women who are creating and living their own definitions of success in a musical genre that prizes the appearance of immaculate effortlessness. After a remarkably successful avant premiere at the New York Argentinian Consulate General, Forte is now market-ready and awaiting distribution. The film, directed by David Donnelly (Maestro, 2015), was shot in eight countries. For more info please go to www.fortefilm.com  

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St Charles’s Parish workshops and performances, NO, September 2018

St Charles’s Parish workshops and performances, NO, September 2018

Tatiana is passionate about connecting with the new generation. She performed two Not So Classical programs and conducted workshops working with nearly a thousand enthusiastic and very engaged 6th graders some of whom have never heard classical music before. Next time we can hear Tatiana at the Lafon Arts Center!

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Together with pianist Zhang Zuo Tatiana gave the world premiere of Not So Classical: The Story of Love program at the  Constella Festival on March 3 at the Memorial Hall in Cincinnati. The Story of Love is a conceptual performance consisting of short films interlaced with live music, and original poetry. 

The Lensic Performing Arts Center

The Lensic Performing Arts Center

On March 27th Tatiana performed Not So Classical: Inspire in an evening program for the Glenelg Country Schools at the Mulitz Theater. She also worked with the different age groups of students at the school and performed the Not So Classical Educational program for them.

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It's official! Tatiana will be performing Not So Classical: Inspire program at the new 35 million-dollar Dr Rodney R. Lafon Performing Arts Center in New Orleans. Other program locations include New York, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Tucson, Atlanta and Florida. Most of the presentations on tour include interactive and educational opportunities - Q & A, movie screenings and workshops. 

Stay tuned for dates and ticket details!

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On February 24th Tatiana performed together with Duo Scofano/Minetti (bandoneon + piano) at Tango Del Barrio, Cincinnati. Concert also featured Artyom Dervoed and Jeff Greene. 

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In March Tatiana took part in a shoot for the documentary Forte. She then performed a recital together with Ksenia Bashmet at the Bashmet Center in Moscow. Music included compositions by Stravinsky, Debussy, Mozart and Tatiana's own Vitali Variations.


By Anna Fedorova

Tatiana Berman is a Russian born American violinist, artist, and producer. She is the star of the documentary Forte www.fortefilm.com scheduled for release in 2019. Tatiana is the founder and artistic director of Constella Arts which brings music to schools where arts funding has been cut. Constella is also widely hailed as one of the most prestigious classical music and art festivals in the United States.

Tatiana is the co-creator of the groundbreaking production Not So Classical. Locations for her upcoming performances and workshops include New York, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Tucson, Atlanta and Palm Beach, as well as the new Rodney R. Lafon Performing Arts center in New Orleans. Her appearances include interactive and educational opportunities such as Q & A, movie screenings and workshops. 

She studied violin at the St. Petersburg Specialized Music School and then at the Yehudi Menuhin School and the Royal College of Music in London, earning full scholarships, and international awards along the way. Throughout her international career as a concert violinist, Tatiana has collaborated with countless renowned musicians, including Joshua Bell, Ksenia Bashmet, Jeremy Denk, Bryce Dessner, Ivry Gitlis, Steven Isserlis, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Anthony McGill, Nico Muhly, Simon Trpceski and Ted Nash. As a soloist, she has worked with conductors Paavo Jarvi, Sarah Ioannides, and the late Yehudi Menuhin, appearing with both European and U.S. orchestras. London’s The Strad described Tatiana as “a violinist with a mature, compelling musical personality.” Tatiana is an ardent performer of new music, commissioning and collaborating on artistic projects with dancers and digital artists. Notable performances include world premieres of Violin Concertos by Charles Coleman and Michael Csányi-Wills. In 2012, Tatiana was named Arts Ambassador for the City of Cincinnati, Ohio and became a Ted Talk speaker.

In 2019, she became the first classical musician to reach thousands of people via her online performances in collaboration with Next Virtual Music Festival. In partnership with Constella Arts  and Culture Monster, Tatiana produces a variety of music content which connects classical music with a broader audience. Her video Vitali Variations was featured in Huffington Post and broadcast in over 26 countries. Berman is a producer on the documentary Maestro www.maestromovie.com and Nordic Pulse www.nordicpulsefilm.com.

To see some of Tatiana's art, go to Art Gallery.


Татьяна Берман - русская скрипачка, художник и продюсер. Она является основателем и художественным руководителем фестиваля Constella Arts - одного из самых престижных фестивалей классической музыки и искусства в Соединенных Штатах Америки. www.constellaarts.com. Татьяна начинала своё музыкальное образование на скрипке в средней специальной школе при Ленинградской консерватории, а затем в школе им. Иегуди Менухина и Королевском музыкальном колледже в Лондоне, получив стипендию Королевы Елизаветы. На протяжении своей карьеры Татьяна выступала с известными музыкантами, в числе которых Джошуа Белл, Джереми Денк, Брайс Десснер, Иври Гитлис, Стивен Иссерлис, Элизабет Леонская, Энтони Макгилл, Лян Ван, Нико Мюли, Саймон Трепчески и Тед Нэш. Как солист, она работала с дирижерами Пааво Ярви, Сара Иоаннидис и Иегуди Менухиным, выступая как с европейскими, так и с американскими оркестрами. Лондонский «Страд» описал Татьяну как «Скрипачку со зрелой, неотразимой музыкальной личностью». В 2012 году Татьяна была назначена Послом искусств в городе Цинциннати (Огайо) и выступила на Ted Talk. Она пылкий исполнитель новой музыки, сотрудничает в художественных проектах с танцорами и художниками. Среди недавних выступлений – премьера скрипичного концерта Чарльза Колмана, а также премьера концерта для скрипки «Изменения Земли» Майкла Чени-Уиллса.

Татьяна - героиня документального фильма Forte www.fortefilm.com, международный релиз которого запланирован на 2019 год. В рамках документального фильма, недавно Татьяна выступила с концертом в Башмет Центре в Москве, с пианисткой Ксенией Башмет.

В партнерстве с Constella Arts и Culture Monster www.culturemonster.org Татьяна помогает создавать разнообразные музыкальные видео, нацеленные на привлечение более широкой аудитории к классической музыке. Ее Vitali Variations были опубликованы в Нью-Йоркском Хаффингтон пост. Татьяна Берман является продюсером документального фильма Maestro www.maestromovie.com и Nordic Pulse www.nordicpulsefilm.com.

Кроме того, она соавтор и героиня инновационной программы Not So Classical www.notsoclassical.com. В рамках турне Inspire Татьяна посетит Нью-Йорк, Балтимор, Цинциннати, Тусон, Атланту и Флориду, выступая на таких престижных концертных площадках как Le Poisson Rouge в Нью-Йорке и новый центр искусств Rodney R. Lafon в Нью Орлеане. Кроме концертов, Татьяна также примет участие в интерактивных и образовательных Q & A после показа фильма Форте, и мастерклассах. А чтобы увидеть некоторые из живописных работ Татьяны, посетите Art Gallery.


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The Journey of the Female Soloist

By Tatiana Berman

May 19, 2018


Tatiana with violin small.jpg

To become a professional soloist, you have to start young. For me, it was five. My mother and father were musicians so naturally, I wanted to play. At 14, I was accepted into the Menuhin school, one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, on a full scholarship. My mother had passed away unexpectedly two years earlier, so making the decision to leave my father and younger sister wasn’t easy. I didn’t speak English, but I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. While in school, I had many incredible experiences including solo performances with orchestras in London and Switzerland. I also had the privilege of working with the late Lord Yehudi Menuhin and performing the Bach Double for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace when I was just 17.

Tatiana Musical Opinion cover.jpg

At 18 I was awarded the prestigious Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Scholarship to the Royal College of Music. Since my scholarship only covered tuition I had a strong incentive to win the prize at competitions — I was playing to survive. After winning some of those awards things started to happen and my career looked promising. That is until I met someone at the young age of 21, and suddenly my priority to start a family outweighed my career ambitions. It’s not unusual for a young soloist, fresh on the international circuit, to perform 100 concerts a year; however, that lifestyle is not conducive to starting a family, especially if you’re a woman.

I was confident in my ability, but if you’re a soloist, the reality is that your career is a chess game, one you have to be completely determined to win. You have to impress the right people. Mostly the male-dominated world of conductors, who a lot of the time are still the decision makers. You also have to devote a ridiculous amount of time practicing and developing your fan base on social media. It takes complete dedication, the right connections, monetary investment, and pure luck to be at the right place at the right time. You are also pressured to play the “right” repertoire for a long time before you are free to do what you really want. Over the years, I had seen so many of my colleagues become “successful” by industry standards. However, there were countless brilliant musicians who were simply overlooked or didn’t know how to play the game, and in their complete state of devastation they simply gave up on their dreams. But if we take a closer look, is there any evidence of a correlation between that industry stamp of approval and real happiness? Perhaps not.

Forte Alina and TB.JPG

Fast forward to 2018. I am the mother of three beautiful girls, living in the most unexpected of destinations; Cincinnati, Ohio. The Constella Festival, which I founded in 2011, wrapped it’s 7th season this year. I’ve worked really hard at this festival, and it’s allowed me to do innovative things. It became a platform to experiment with different artistic mediums. Constella was among the first festivals to present multi-dimensional programming that included digital and visual art, music, film, and dance. We’ve presented over 60 world premieres, and most recently developed a program that attracts a new type of audience, which is not your typical classical music crowd. (www.NotSoClassical.com).


Tatiana Berman headshot.jpg

I think of all those talented musicians who didn’t keep going because they didn’t fit into the traditional mold of success, but the world needs musicians now more than ever. It’s time for more of us to make our own rules and to let our passion fuel innovation and entrepreneurship within our cherished genre. Classical music is an industry with a lot of tradition, but that doesn’t mean we have to live and die by those traditions. Everyone, especially women, must have the confidence to create their own definition of success, and design lives that don’t force us to choose between personal dreams and professional ones. Despite an all or nothing culture, there can be a happy medium.  

By Tatiana Berman


Tatiana Berman is a violinist and artist. She is one of the stars in the upcoming documentary Forte which tells the story of three strong women pursuing their dreams. You can support the film by contributing to its Kickstarter campaign here. Rewards include tickets to the world premiere in New York, private screenings, art prints by Tatiana Berman, copies of the original score, and autographed posters. Film screenings can be donated to a school of your choice. The campaign ends on May 25th.






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My Mother

By Tatiana Berman

May 13, 2018


Mother’s Day is that special time when we celebrate our mothers. I have been thinking a lot about my mother and her influence on me as a person, a parent, and an artist.  

My Mother.jpg

I grew up in a family of classical musicians. My mother worked full time as an orchestra member while also teaching, keeping up with her studies, and managing a household of two children and a husband. She was a perfect example of a beautiful, ambitious woman, who was also a wonderful mother and a wife. Although she worked very hard in her career, she always made time for special experiences, taking us to concerts, the ballet, the opera or the cinema on the weekend. She played games with us and chased us around the park. She had such a radiant presence. Her pure spirit lit up every space she was in.

Everyone in our family was always busy practising their instruments, working on a project, performing in concerts, or touring. This kind of family environment shaped me to become a very independent child. I learned to take care of basic home logistics and relied on myself in a way that perhaps many others my age didn’t. We didn’t have a TV, so I got lost in books instead. The quality of our time together as a family was more important than the quantity, and I didn’t need to be in the same space with mom in order to feel her constant love and support. I knew that when I really needed her, she was always there for me.

Mom emphasized the importance of learning at least one foreign language to expand opportunities and open your mind to different cultures and ways of thinking. She taught us to be disciplined and to finish what we started, to bring awareness to anything that we might be doing at a particular moment in time. This ability to focus really helped me to be present in the moment and gave me tools to navigate challenges later in life.

I was 12 when she died unexpectedly. My sister was only 10. Our lives were never the same again. Apart from the emotional devastation, managing daily life became very difficult. I expanded my cooking repertoire. I cleaned and helped my sister with homework. I did whatever needed to be done. I had to keep being strong.

And through all this, there was a magical way to bring back her spirit… through music. When I played the violin, I could express all of the anguish and heartache, and all of the other feelings that I didn’t know how to convey with words. I lost my mother, but her wisdom lived on.

Threads of Life Forte print.JPG

I now have a family of my own and am blessed with three beautiful, independent girls. As mothers, we bear a great responsibility. Everyday, when we interact with the children we love so much, we are shaping the world. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by this reality and still maintain our own identity. Often, we give up on our own dreams when we are in what seems to be a permanent state of sleep deprivation. On days where I feel like I can’t handle things, I think of my mother. I think of her strength and her light.

Join me in cherishing the amazing women who have inspired us, and without whom we would not have become the people we are today.      


Tatiana Berman is a violinist and artist. She is the star of the upcoming documentary Forte, which tells the story of three strong women pursuing their dreams. You can support the film by contributing to its Kickstarter campaign here. Campaign ends on May 25th. Rewards include tickets to the world premiere in New York and a limited edition print signed by Tatiana. For inquiries please visit www.tatianaberman.com/contact




For concert bookings and art commission inquiries please use the contact form or email Alina Cornell at booking@notsoclassical.com or call 347.560.8522

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