City’s Biggest Arts Ambassadors

This House Has An Incredible History, But Its Present Might Be Even More Impressive

This Charming East Walnut Hills House Is Home To Some Of The City’s Biggest Arts Ambassadors

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Tatiana Berman is a talented musician, artist, and the founder of Constella Festival. David Donnelly is an artist, writer, and film director.Their world has a soundtrack all its own. Whether it's on stage, on film, or on a canvas, Tatiana & David are champions of the arts. Oh yeah, they're also engaged.They met during the filming of Maestro, which spotlights Paavo Jarvi (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's former Music Director) and a handful of other star-studded classical musicians. (Tatiana produced the music for the film.)

Now, they live together in the old Brunswick house in East Walnut Hills, home base for their respective arts ops -- Tatiana's Constella Fest and David's production company,


Constella is approaching its fifth season. With artists from India, China, Venezuela, UK, and Russia (among others), this season presents the festival's most diverse lineup.

"Constella creates an open space for renowned artists across genres to connect with audiences in an intimate setting. Our mission is to challenge misconceptions of classical music and the performing arts through the creation of original music, interdisciplinary works, and digital content. We further this mission by providing educational opportunities for young artists, ensuring a vibrant future for self-expression." -- Tatiana Berman


David is working on a myriad of projects, including Gabe, a documentary that he executive produced. (The film just screened at the Whitney Museum in New York, by the way.) His next documentary will examine the rise of anti-intellectualism in America and abroad. It's called "A Call To Minds."

Moreover, in tandem with Constella, David's company is currently presenting and packaging the Not So Classical series (which he created) across various platforms, including documentaries, digital outlets, and live concerts.


The Romanesque Revival home was built in 1894 and originally owned by the Brunswick family, of billiards and bowling fame. It's a gorgeous example of detailed craftsmanship from a bygone era, with its stained glass, pocket doors, and high ceilings. And back in the day, it was known as the party house on the street.

This is particularly fitting for its two current inhabitants, as they've embraced the home's heritage into their bohemian lifestyle. Whether they're hosting musicians for a week or transforming the downstairs into an art exhibition on a Saturday night, Tatiana & David believe that their home should be an extension of their life.

Thus far, it's working. And while the finished canvas that is their life & work together might be years away from completion, each brush stroke adds more depth, beauty, and vitality than the last.

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To find out more about this year's Constella Festival, visit the website.

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