Constella Festival innovative collaborations

Constella Festival marries music premieres, innovative collaborations

The promotional materials for the 2016 Constella Festival scream “Once in a Lifetime Performances!” It’s a line more befitting a mammoth rock extravaganza than a festival that revolves around chamber music.

But the sentiment behind that audacious sales pitch isn’t all that farfetched.

The Constella Festival, which launches its sixth season Friday, is built around new music and unexpected pairings of music and musicians. There is dance, as well, and a visual arts component to round it all out. But at the heart of everything the festival stands for, though, is a spirit of collaboration, of top-flight artists coming together to see just what their combined talents can generate. And since most of these performers are unlikely to perform together again, “once in a lifetime” is probably an apt description.

Insiders can learn more about the performers at this year's Constella Festival, including how organizer Tatiana Berman was able to secure a powerful opening act after the scheduled performers couldn't attend.