Constella pushes new boundaries

Constella Music and Fine Arts Festival pushes new boundaries

Some people’s notion of classical music is very traditional, rooted in the past, with rules and behaviors that seem dictated by codes that only insiders and aficionados understand.

Russian violinist Tatiana Berman, now a Cincinnati resident, is decidedly not one of those people, although her life has been lived in the world of classical music.

But she is committed to finding new paths to the future and participating in musical forms that continue to evolve. Cincinnati area music lovers are lucky that, for the fourth year, Berman is masterminding the Constella Music and Fine Arts Festival, an event she founded, from April 8-19.

She combines an eclectic vision of what classical music can become with her worldwide connections to musicians who believe in pushing boundaries. The results again will be showcased in venues around Cincinnati during April.

WCPO Insiders can read about the artists who will perform at Constella and hear some of their music.