October 4, 2011

Development News

New festival draws international attention


Violinist Tatiana Berman loves a good challenge. When the Russian-born transplant saw how little the world knew about Cincinnati’s arts community, she looked for ways to raise her adopted town’s international profile.

She reached out to personal friends and artists she knows and soon the Constella Music Festival was born. Constella brings traditional chamber music, dance and visual art to the heart of the city, downtown. Guest artists, many from Cincinnati, have already achieved international acclaim. For Berman, planning multi-faceted performances that mix and match genres makes the interdisciplinary celebration unique.

“I’ve always enjoyed experiencing many forms of music and art,” Berman says. “They are simply different languages to express feelings and ideas.”

Ballet will be performed while chamber music plays; jazz will be paired with classical piano; romantic Russian piano will accompany visual art displays. One concert will take place in a candle-lit theater.

Constella, with events, spanning three and a half weeks and a variety of venues, allows for a wide range of guest players and audience members to participate. Violinists Joshua Bell and Hilary Hanh, saxophone player, Ted Nash and pianist Alexander Toradze are just a few of the many performers.

Berman founded the event last year and held special events leading up to the first performance, slated for Oct. 13.  Berman hopes for plenty of community support to keep  the inaugural festival in the spotlight. So far, response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Every idea needs time to be accepted, but already, so many have shown their support,” Berman says. “I think there is an appreciation that Constella is bringing national and international visibility and talent to Cincinnati.”

By Evan Wallis