concert:nova presents
an extraordinary culinary and musical feast for the eyes, ears and palette

Antonio Vivaldi "The Four Seasons"
Tatiana Berman & Maureen Nelson, violin soloists

Astor Piazolla "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires"
Mauricio Aguiar & Anna Reider, violin soloists

Aaron Jay Kernis "The Four Seasons of Futurist Cuisine"
Naomi Lewin, guest narrator

The performance will feature a video, “From Earth to Table”, with Jean Robert de Cavel,
David Cook, Julie Francis, Meg Galvin, Megan Ketover, John Kinsella.
Created by Chris Higgenbothom and Jim Myatt.


Sunday APRIL 18, 2010 6:00pm
Post-concert dinner is inspired by the music,
and presented at the Summit Restaurant by
the MCI Team and Chef Ed Smain

Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State
3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati OH 45220
TICKETS: Advance purchase $50, At the door $75, if available
Click HERE to purchase tickets for April 18.

Monday April 19, 2010 7:00pm
Three-course menu created by Chef Cristian Pietoso,
based on the musical selections.

520 Vine Street - on Fountain Square - Cincinnati OH 45202
TICKETS: Advance purchase $50, At the door $75, if available
Click HERE to purchase tickets for April 19.

Both concerts will sell out, so purchase your seats now!

Le Quattro Staggioni, or The Four Seasons, are part of a set of twelve concertos entitled Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’inventoine (The Test of Harmony and Invention), published in 1725. Undeniably Vivaldi’s most famous work, each movement of the four concerti is accompanied by individual sonnets penned by Vivaldi himself. The poems are full of literary and sonic allusion: a murmuring stream, howling windstorm, chattering birds, all musically stunning depictions of each season.

Continuing the menu is Le Quattro Stagioni della Cucina Futurismo, (The Four Seasons of Futurist Cuisine) by modern composer Aaron Jay Kernis, who culled the wildly satiric texts of F.T. Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto (1909) and The Futurist Cookbook (1932). Narrator Naomi Lewin joins the group in this wacky bit of musical melodrama, poking fun at the Italian art movement of Futurism, and appropriately parodies music of Wagner, Bruckner and sappy romantic melodies.

Finally, the Cuatro estaciones porteñas (The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires), a tango-inspired work that intertwines easily recognizable elements from Vivaldi’s concerti, combines exciting and dance-like rhythms with luscious melodies. Piazolla’s nuevo tango style adds a distinct Latin flavor to the pot!

concert:nova would like to give special thanks for Tom Osterman and Ruthann Sammarco for their support of these concerts.


Violin: Mauricio Aguiar, Tatiana Berman, Anna Reider
Viola: Joanne Wojtowicz, Heidi Yenney
Cello: Christina Coletta, Theodore Nelson
Bass: Boris Astafiev, Owen Lee
Flute: Randy Bowman, Jasmine Choi
Clarinet: Ixi Chen, Jonathan Gunn
Oboe: Dwight Parry
Bassoon: Jennifer Monroe
Horn: Lisa Conway, Elizabeth Freimuth
Trumpet: Doug Lindsay
Trombone: Cristian Ganicenco
Piano: Julie Spangler
Percussion: Patrick Schleker, Jeff Luft

Board of Directors: Tatiana Berman, Ixi Chen & John Spencer
Production Planning: Boris Astafiev, Adam Butalewicz & Heidi Yenney
Technical production: Paul Schuette & Jerod Sommerfeldt
Artistic Director: Ixi Chen

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