Preview of "Where the wild things are"

44: Concert: Nova
Monday, October 20, noon - 2 pm

Sneak Preview of Where the Wild Things Are
Can't wait until October 30? Check out up-and-coming renegade chamber group concert:nova to catch a sneak peek at their upcoming show, Where the Wild Things Are. Inspired by the Sendak story, NYC composer Randall Woolf created an eight-part electro-acoutsic ballet, this time set to projected illustrations by German artist Till Lassmann.
See the complete work October 30, 8:00pm at the CAC.

CONCERT:NOVA is a fresh new chamber music ensemble that blends the traditional, the contemporary and the visual arts to explore a modern kinetic musical experience. Concert:nova strives to explore and perform brilliant works from the chamber music repertoire with a creative visual twist that gives the audience a taste of the unexpected. By illustrating the music and charging the atmosphere with relevant works and performances concert:nova reinvents the stage, reinvents the meaning of "play" and places the audience within the movement of sound as it happens.